Category: Professional Development

GIS Mapping for the Lay Person

Tyee Master Class—Web Mapping and Basic Data Herding March 2015 | Vancouver, BC Introduction to GIS mapping software and other tools for managing complex location data

Learning to work with pastels
Drawing for Design

Emily Carr University of Art + DesignSpring 2015 | Vancouver, BC I explored techniques, materials, composition, and expression through this class. Tone & Texture Drawing of burning wood and fire Tools: Black & white chalks, 6B charcoal pencil, initial sketch with HB pencil Lesson learned: Chalks are really useful tools! I need to keep practicing […]

The InDesign Conference

November 2014 | Seattle, WA Expert, industry-level publishing, production, and design conference for InDesign

Basics of Communication Design

Emily Carr University of Art + DesignFall 2013 | Vancouver, BC Explored logo design, typography, and layout