Drawing for Design

Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Spring 2015 | Vancouver, BC

I explored techniques, materials, composition, and expression through this class.

Tone & Texture

Drawing of burning wood and fire

Sketch of fire
Tools: Black & white chalks, 6B charcoal pencil, initial sketch with HB pencil

Lesson learned: Chalks are really useful tools! I need to keep practicing techniques to capture ideas faster. 

Poured water

Tools: White chalk, charcoal white, charcoal pencil, willow charcoal, initial sketch with 2B pencil

Lesson learned: I put too much contrast on the water ripples and submerged droplets.

The human figure

A sketch of the human figure and body

Tools: 2B pencil, digitally added contrast for presenting

Lesson learned: Building on last class, I learned about wireframing the human form. This was a really different approach than what I've tried in the past, but I was happy with how fast and accurate it was!

Design from humans

Studies of skulls, hands, and feet

 Tools: 4B charcoal pencil, pastels, sepia chalk

Lesson learned: Wireframing is again my friend! This is an incredibly useful skill that I'll use again after this class. All sketches were done from a live model; maximum 5-minute poses.

Foot study with skin tones

Tools: 6B charcoal pencil, pastels, white chalk

Lesson learned: Drawing nearly life-size, and using skin-tone pastels was a lot simpler than I expected. There are a lot of colors on the foot alone when considering shadow, light, and pressure points.


I have a fascination with detail and the representation of thought, e.g. writing and typography, code, or art. I share my desk at home with Mozilla, Freddy holding a typography pencil, a One Laptop Per Child laptop, and a G3 iMac.