Graphic Designer & Web Developer

2004 – current

As a designer with an interest in technology, I've developed websites and print media (business cards, brochures, fliers) for small businesses and hobbyists. Recent projects have included:

Verus Track

A one-page, responsive, promotional webpage was required to achieve my client's business goals. In addition to creating the webpage, I created an SVG logo for mobile app integration and other uses.

An introduction to Verus Track

Your Pet's Genie

Over 4,700 products were migrated from Weebly into a Shopify storefront. Shopify's CSV import option and my ability to create retail pricing formulas were instrumental in this project. I modified the site's Liquid template and created a style guide to assist my client and another freelance designer for future product additions and changes.

Website product selection

Corporate Hippy

An artist's paintings were uploaded to an image gallery compatible with the client's hosting plan.

Abstract artwork

Poetry Booth

Working with the Poetry Booth's Adafruit soundboard
Working with the Poetry Booth's Adafruit soundboard

This community project at Gordon Neighbourhood House involved optimizing audio poetry for use on a 2mb Adafruit soundboard. The board was installed in a telephone booth and configured to trigger audio poetry recordings through the phone's handset via the phone keypad.


I have a fascination with detail and the representation of thought, e.g. writing and typography, code, or art. I share my desk at home with Mozilla, Freddy holding a typography pencil, a One Laptop Per Child laptop, and a G3 iMac.