AMS Insider Editor

Alma Mater Society
2009 | Vancouver, BC

I collected, edited, and placed over 100 authors' text submissions into an InDesign document for the AMS Insider—a 200-page student guide and agenda. An introduction I wrote describes the AMS Insider. I obtained model's Consent to Use of Image forms and took some additional photographs to help illustrate some of the text. I collaborated with the Graphic Designer for these, and I worked with the Communications Manager to ensure stylistic and grammatical consistency throughout the book.


After publishing, I was responsible for ensuring all 25,000 books were made accessible to students by September 2009. I rented a U-Haul van to move thousands of books across the 993-acre Vancouver campus. I recruited 25 volunteers to assist with distribution of AMS Insiders by scheduling and making deliveries across the campus.


I have a fascination with detail and the representation of thought, e.g. writing and typography, code, or art. I share my desk at home with Mozilla, Freddy holding a typography pencil, a One Laptop Per Child laptop, and a G3 iMac.